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Appliness September: download it!!!


The September issue is out with tons of tutorials plus an exclusive interview of Vincent Hardy. Download it on your tablet or get the PDF on your desktop. Here is the table of contents:

  • 10 things to know about KnockOutJS
  • JavaScript types
  • Frozen UI and web workers
  • Introduction to JavaScript unit testing
  • Styling your app with Twitter Bootstrap
  • Tame the mobile web beast
  • Apply and Arrays: three tricks
  • Creeps and weirdos in the CSS spec
  • How to write a well structured CSS – part 1
  • JS design pattern: Singleton, Composite and façade
  • iOS Safari web apps templates and howtos
  • Infinite timeline scrolling chart
  • HTML5 multimedia troubleshooting
  • Using HTML templates to generate more than HTML
  • Interview of Vinvent Hardy
  • Rivet.JS
  • Showcase og Healthtap
  • Interview of Tricycle
  • Bleeding Edge: CSS Regions and CSS Exclusions

To download it on your iPad or Android tablet, install the free “Appliness” application in the app store.

PDF and ePub

To read the PDF file, click here:

On Android, the font size is higher. The issue is definitely more readable.

Some of you used the feedback form to request an ePub file. I’ve generated an ePub 2.0 file for testing. Let me know if it’s okay or if we should improve it, upgrade it to ePub 3, etc…:

Let us know if you need more stuff, if you want to contribute, etc…

And thanks to all the authors of this issue !




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  1. Cristiano
    September 5, 2012

    To make our lives easier, can you add a QR code near the epub / pdf downloads. That will help to download it to the phone. :)


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