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Hi guys, you can now download the July issue on your tablets !

Eric Meyer, the CSS Superhero is interviewed. We took the opportunity to publish some articles about the future of CSS, talking about filters but also shaders.

Table of contents: 

  • HTML templates with MustacheJS
  • Zepto and touch gestures
  • A closer look at Undersocre templates
  • Writing an AngularJS app with an Express + NodeJS backend
  • JavaScript prototypal inheritance for class’ical developers
  • Prototypal inheritance and strategies for debugging though problems
  • Improving geolocation
  • Build a chat with NodeJS and jQuery Mobile
  • Building PhoneGap applications powered by
  • Introducing Kendo UI mobile
  • MegaList jQuery plugin
  • Brackets – the open source code editor for the web
  • Brackets – learning from the source
  • Interview of Eric Meyer – CSS expert
  • CSS filters and effects
  • CSS shaders
  • CSS Object model
  • Introduction to BackStack – a Backbone.JS view navigation library
  • Showcase : What the photo?
  • News



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