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February issue with Misko Hevery


Appliness is a free digital magazine for web developers and web designers. This month, we feature an exclusive interview of the creator or AngularJS: Misko Hevery! Plus tutorials for web developers and web designers:

Table of contents: 

  • Deferreds and Promises in JavaScript, by Flavio Copes
  • jQuery Mobile and Backbone.JS Integration with a simple FAQ app, by Thibault Durand
  • Bacon.JS by Ville Lautanala
  • Building a Unit test in Jasmine, by David Posin
  • Bubbling in Enyo, by David Posin
  • The future of JavaScript, by Dr. Axel Rauschmayer
  • Webkit inspector, by Flavio Copes
  • My workflow for developing PhoneGap applications, by Andrew Trice
  • Android push notifications with PhoneGap, by Holly Schinsky
  • Interview of Misko Hevery
  • Building huge apps with angularJS, by Brian Ford
  • Responsive Form Validation with AngularJS, by Glenn Gervais
  • Using Form Elements and CSS3 to replace Javascript, by Louis Lazaris
  • Conditional loading of resources with Media-queries, by Christian Heilmann
  • Icons and Icon fonts, by Bear Travis
  • Making the Transition from Development to Design, by P.J. Onori
  • Design is not Veneer, by Aral Balkan
  • News, by BrianRinaldi

Read Appliness on your tablet! It’s free! Download the Appliness application on the app store, or on the Google Play market, and download the issues. If you don’t have a tablet, read the PDF version. 



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