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Infographic – Decision path to PhoneGap


In the May issue of Appliness, you’ll find a new section called “Visual and Juicy”. It will feature infographics about our web development world. The first one is about PhoneGap and hybrid apps. Thanks to PhoneGap, you can take your web development skills and build native apps. Hybrid applications reside between pure native applications (built with a native language such as ObjectiveC) and web apps (in the device browser).

In this infographic, we wanted to express the decision path to Hybrid apps development: the limitations, the role of the user experience, the complex choice of an HTML framework and the final workflow with PhoneGap. The most difficult step is to find a powerful HTML/JS framework that can emulate the user-experience of a native mobile application. jQuery Mobile or Sencha Touch are good candidates. PhoneGap can run your web application in a native container on 7 platforms !!! (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Bada…). It launches a web-view in full screen and runs your HTML code. In addition, it provides a bridge to the hardware APIs such as the Camera or the list of contacts on your phone. PhoneGap is definitely one of the most promising technology to code and deploy cross-platform mobile applications.

Here is a preview of the infographic which is featured in the May issue of Appliness. Download our magazine from the app store or from Google Play to enjoy our free tutorials on your tablet.



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