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November issue with Addy Osmani !!!


The November issue is live on your iPad and your Android tablets.

This month, we feature three exclusive interviews and tons of tutorials for HTML and JavaScript developers:

  • 8 tips for Angular.JS beginners by Sudhanshu Raheja
  • JavaScript: Operators by Dmitry Baranovskiy
  • Delay initialization with jQuery delegation by Joe Zimmerman
  • Interview of Jeremie Patonnier – CSS and SVG expert
  • Apple Push notifications with PhoneGap – by Holly Schinsky
  • Does JavaScript need classes ? by Nicholas Zakas
  • Native scrolling – by Piotr Walczyszyn
  • Interview of Paul D. Hunt – the font designer of Source Code Pro
  • Node.JS, Require and Export by Karl Seguin
  • PhoneGap, Apple rejections and UX Guidelines by Andrew Trice
  • Why are preprocessors so divise? by Kianosh Pourian
  • Hacking JavaScript’s format paramters by Jeremy Kahn
  • Using Yeoman with Angular.JS by Brian Ford
  • Interview of Addy Osmani – the modern Yeoman
  • 5 HTML5 APIs you didn’t KNOW EXISTED by David Walsh
  • Embrace the static web with Punch by Lakshan Perera
  • Completure – Showcase of a PhoneGap app
  • News by Brian Rinaldi

Enjoy !!!

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